Four Noble Truths - 4 Track Demo

I've only been doing this reviewing lark for a few weeks and I get a demo to review, not fair Miss Warlock… NOT FAIR AT ALL.

Anyone who submits a demo tape/CD has put their heart and soul and money into that output, so to have some prick reviewer then rip it to shreds is never a good thing. I've been there myself with my old band and know what that feels like, so me getting a demo that is acoustic, and acoustic Alice in Chains not acoustic Johnny Thunders is not a good start.

Also I had to work hard to find anything out about these guys who take their name from a set of Buddhist teachings. But eventually I got there, Four Noble Truths are Experimental acoustic duo Rev G and Will Atta, and more can be found about the guys at URL (do I win a prize for this Spicey?)

The 4 songs on offering at myspace and also on this demo CD come on like Mark Lanegan meeting Layne Staley at a jam session in Stone Gossard's home studio. The songs have a twisted melodic angle that after a few listens really do stick in your head, and the sound is so clear, up close and claustrophobic it is not sing along music by numbers I can tell you. Think of a grunge Johnny Cash production wise and you will not be far away.

Pick of the tunes for me are "Carousel" and "Don't Go Down To the River". With the former (and something I'm sure the guys will hate me for) sounds like sadly missed goth rockers The Mission, when they used to do acoustic stuff. The later having more than a nod to Neil Young or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Although this is not really my type of stuff, I have every respect for these guys doing what they do. Granted the songs might need some tweaking to take this to the album scenario but this is well worth a listen if you like well thought out acoustic noodlings with "HARD LISTENING" (this is meant as a compliment guys) stamped all over them. This stuff really is a grower.

So, As Da mighty Crue might say "Stick To Your Guns" guys and just remember, don't let the bastards grind you down.

by Johnny H.

Visit the Four Noble Truths Website