Fillmore Slim - Glam Thug

This is my kind of album; sleazier than a stack of French porn, and filled with more rock than a wagon-load of Yeti manure!

Without wishing to detract at all from the excellent 'The Power and the Glory Hole', Fillmore Slim's 'Glam Thug' is the album that every Faster Pussycat purist was secretly hoping for, rather than the industrialised, Newlydeads flavoured comeback the veteran glamsters finally delivered earlier this year.

Starting with the exotic sounds of a young lady (or two!) clearly enjoying herself at the hands(?) of vocalist Vic Wayne, as he chants "I like to fight, fuck and get fucked up! I like to fight, fuck…", before launching into the 'Buck Naked 'n Screamin''. It surely couldn't get any sleazier…

Except then it does! With every track!

'Star Quality' is a particular high point - slightly reminiscent of Alleycat Scratch with it's (stiletto) strutting glam swagger and hey, there's that girl again, from the 'Intro'… Still having a great time!

'Glam Thug' contains all the ingredients you would expect to make up a classic sleaze/glam record; songs about sex (lots of songs about sex!), songs about strippers (does that count as songs about sex?) and songs about destitution and living on the street. Add to that a couple of saucy female backing singers, and this could just be one of the sleaziest albums you're gonna hear this year.

Beware though, there's nothing very new on this CD. While 'Dirty Dog Blues' sounds remarkably like Towers of London's 'I'm a Rat', the rest of the album owes as much to Cats in Boots and the Sea Hags as it does to the aforementioned Faster Pussycat. But Hell! Who needs originality when your sleaze is this down and dirty?

Besides not offering up anything startlingly groundbreaking, 'Glam Thug' also falls into the trap of including a clichéd rock ballad for your aural (dis)pleasure. 'No Stranger' checks in at track eight (hey, at least they managed to avoid the obvious track three slot!), and adds nothing to the album at all. These days there's no reason to include this kind of schmaltz on an underground sleaze album; it's never gonna get played on the radio, and the music TV channels aren't gonna be interested either. All it does is take up the best part of four minutes of your valuable time. Time that could be spent rocking out!

Fortunately, Fillmore Slim more than redeem themselves with the excellent 'Rock 'n Roll Tragedy' and 'It Might Look Good…' to finish the album off in style.

All in all then, a great sleaze rock album - the likes of which we don't hear enough of these days. Next time though fellas, NO FUCKING BALLADS!!! And get your arses over to the UK so we can check out the live show!



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