Fat Nancy - Pure American Muscle, Baby

Fat Nancy, featuring ex- Circus Of Power front man Alec Mitchell hit the shelves with a solid debut album, Pure American Muscle, Baby, entertaining us with twelve tracks of blues style songs mixed with psychedelic sounds straight out of the sixties.

Obviously influenced by bands such as AC/DC, The Doors, Zen Guerilla and Thin Lizzy, Fat Nancy have produced an album that enables much easy listening to be had. Songs like Man On The Hill and Secret Love are prime examples of this easy-listening style and are fast becoming my favourite songs of the album. Don't worry though, there's some hard-rocking tracks on the album to. Dance Little Suzie for example and, to a lesser extent, Ninety-Nine Pounds Of Soul, provide us with wall of guitars attacking from all sides while "Hot Lottie" adds a southern swagger to some of the most rasping vocals I've heard in a long time.

It's been written that 'the energy drips from the tracks as fat from a steak' and I certainly agree with this statement with Mitchellwhere other bands tend to copy things, the rawness and soul of Mitchell and his friends convince me that they are sincere'

Sometimes, it has to be said, the band bites off a little more than it can chew and instantly their sound becomes more that of mediocre rock, which is never a good thing. This can be seen in Children Of The Midnight Sun, which houses a far too slow build up and a bland theme that undermines the major vibe of the album and, in my opinion, is too long. Luckily the band takes rally back 99 Pounds Of Soul and by doing so the occasional mistake can be forgiven.

All-in-all, Fat Nancy have released a worthy debut that provides them with things to work on and offers us elements that allow us to look to the future in confidence that they're next release will be even better!

by Sarah Street

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