Falling Red - If You Ain't Down With the Rock...

When a bands biog proudly proclaims influences such as "Judas Priest", "AC/DC" and "Guns N Roses", the very least I guess you would expect from that band is a water tight song writing style, delivering high energy bursts of quality rock with infectious choruses.

Penrith rockers "Falling Red's" debut album biog lists all the above bands, yet somehow sadly manages to fall a little way short on all of the above aspirational song writing levels. But let's stop right there, I'm not in this reviewing lark to castigate any band that has obviously worked hard, and have committed time and effort into producing an independent release.

So, the positives for "Falling Red" are they do have the framework for some good songs, and in the likes of "Broken Ain't Beat", "Give Me A Taste" and the infectious title track they sound not unlike "Silverwing" crossed with "Marionette (Ray Zell version)" with some "Joe Elliott" circa "On Through The Night" vocals.
It is this Eighties sound that is prevalent throughout the thirteen tracks on offer on "If You Ain't Down With The Rock". But think "Aunt May", Napalm Hearts" or the aforementioned bands, rather than any of their big budget arena rock counterparts that get name checked in the bands biog.
"Falling Red" are indeed a bit of a rock n roll conundrum, as I can't imagine they would be old enough (collectively) to ever have heard any of these vintage UK Sleaze bands, but damn it if somehow they end up sounding a little bit like all of them. Indeed to steal a phrase from a comedic genius "Falling Red" certainly have all the right bits to be very good, they are simply not in the right order at this moment in time.

These guys will obviously be heroes locally, and I would pay good money to see the look on Miss Blenner- Hassetts face if and when "If You Ain't Down With The Rock" gets cranked out of the jukebox at the historic Tearooms.

"Falling Red" are touring the UK and Europe extensively throughout 2009 and they should take this time to truly hone the skills they obviously have ready for album number two.
But take heart guys, "Pantera" released 3 self-financed albums before they found their true calling and a major label deal, just don't let bastards like me grind you down in the meantime.

2 ½ out of 5

by Johnny H.

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