Facequake - S/T

In spring of this year, I contacted the management of Facequake, requesting a copy of their s/t debut for purpose of review. At that time, the album was awaiting release. Several delays later and I found myself holding the CD in my hand about a month ago. This makes it easily my most eagerly anticipated release of the year. Of course, it also offers up the question, was it worth the time waited? I can thankfully say that yes, it was.

The Swedish band who; according to their bio started out as a grunge band in 1994, slides smoothly from power pop to glam punk in thirteen hook-filled tracks. Singer Sara Kreft comes across like a combination of Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) and Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries) provided the latter could shake her alternate-trappings and rock out a bit. The licks and female harmonies twist and turn, exploding properly and in timely fashion in a sonic tapestry, which if released stateside would be all over the radio. The band also wisely knows when to pull the plug and slow down, providing a texture that retains interest upon repeat listens.

If you like bands that pop while they rock, check this one out. One listen and you should be hooked.

by Lycan Davis

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