The Exorsisters - 3 Track Demo

Often transfering the required vigour of glam hardrock onto record is desperately challenging. A 3 track EP would have to slam hard in the goolies to compare to the breathlessness that torrid live cock rock can leave you with.

The Exorsisters are Blackburn's generic glam lads. Leather reeking, shade adorning droogies. Image would be eminent to a sound like this. Luckily for them they seem to have that well covered. Most likely they are a crew more fondly adhered to by the ladies (…or minxes more like). Their enthusiasm and capacity achieves the retro sound they desire. A lot of the familiar favs can be heard amongst this merriment - Stooges, Ramones, Buzzcocks… but slivers of rowdy Englishness are also present in the bedlam.

The opening track "Gimme Some More" attempts to be authoritative, but for me "I Love the Night" turns up the passion. Sleazy slime dripping solos and unbridled wailing are ungracefully chucked in. The themes are familiar: booze, parties, eyeliner, body modification and general refined debauchery.

From sniffing around I have heard that their live act sounds like it's more cop. Until that prospect we can just let this merry EP spin. They can stomp a tune, but my lack of fascination assumes that it will fester in my junkyard amongst the rest of my prized muck. Short. Sweet. Unvaried.

by Kiran the Killer

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