The Exorsisters - Promo Disc

An excellently produced 3-track demo from Lancashire's newest faux Marilyn Mansonites.

That's Florida-based, formative years Marilyn Manson, back when Warner and co. used to parade on stage avec stilts, stripy neon tights, DMs, and bright-red eye shadow.

Exorsister's demo CD explodes out of the pens, albeit quite embryonically. It reeks of production, but it also sounds like something capable of being improved upon - lyrically, at least.

Opening track is 'Mannikin'. Guitars fight for approval over the monotonally delivered vocals. More Motorhead than Manson, Kill, Kill, Kill! seems to be the unspoken leit motif running through things. (Living in Lancashire does this to people?)

The other two tracks, 'Backstage Bitches' and 'Kill Barbie', are as 4/4 lumpen-rock as they are wannabe-controversial. Also, considering the Exorsister chaps wear more make-up than Barbie, I wouldn't be so quick to condemn the poor corporate tart.

The monotone vocals can get annoying, but they are a new band and there's enough here to justify carrying on with things.

by Deviant D.

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