Exit State - Death of a Rockstar

Exit State are a great rock band hailing from Lancashire, UK, and have been causing quite a stir on the underground scene for a little while. Death Of A Rockstar is their debut album, and what a debut it is. The band have been compared with the likes of Foo Fighters, Therapy?, and Nickelback, and where as I can see where the comparisons are coming from, Exit State have a sound of their own. Death Of A Rockstar see's the band combine elements of indie/rock and in places metal, to give them a great melodic but powerful sound.

All 9 songs here are of the highest quality, they're full of meaty riffs yet always seem to be melodically driven. Some of the stand out tracks (and I could list all 9 here!) include 'Lost Beyond Belief', which is to be featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming motion picture Creepsville, 'Dominates Me', title tracks, 'Death Of A Rockstar' and 'Bad Days'.

Exit State seem to have it all, and Death Of A Rockstar is a very impressive debut album.
I think the skies the limit for this excellent hard working rock band.

This album's scheduled for release 31st May 2010 via King Prawn Records and is very highly recommended.

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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