Exit Avenue - A Thousand Odd Lines

While listening to the first song I can only picture Panic at the Disco, with all the bouncy melodies, joyful vocals, lively lyrics and over all theatrical stance. It's a great start actually, love or hate Panic their debut sold over two and a half million records, so plenty of people do still like music to feel good and jump about to, and that's exactly what this band do. The lyrics are especially easy to hear and using layered vocals makes it on a whole more interesting, though maybe later on where the lyrics 'city lights city heights' are repeated, they become momentarily annoying.

There are so many effects at play throughout all four tracks, 'Huntingdon Drive' is immediately even more compelling. Every angle is perfected, intros are particularly well thought out, a conscious attempt to peek the hearing and an ongoing effort to keep it peeked? The image of hard working music and drama students comes across, a constant use of dynamics and techniques not just picked up by the love of playing. 'Sweet Sixteen' takes a different angle, much more of an emotional tone and quite provocative. By the end of 'Better off Alone' you could almost think that you have been listening to two different bands. The last two tracks contain a little more of a dance influenced edge, dare I say even a touch of techno but it's not as ghastly as it sounds, it actually works really well and make this the best half of the album and two more very exciting, and sharply contrasting songs.

by Sharron Grainger

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