Eureka Machines - Everyone Loves You (Single)

'Do Or Die', the debut album from Eureka Machines that got released last autumn and bounced into my world like a pure pop powerball, quickly established itself as one of my favourite albums of 2008. In fact, Eureka Machines quickly established themselves as one of my favourite British bands - they are, and the album is, that good. Now, as a way of introducing themselves to the musically uneducated, they are releasing this single (on cool indie label Wrath Records as both a single and download) as a kind of promo tool to put them firmly in the faces of those silly people who have yet to...umm...scream eureka.

The title track remains a sugar-coated diamond which fuses a punky chorus to an Eighties-influenced homage. Brand new track 'The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall' is as consistent as any other tune from this great band - yet another subtle strip of sunshine soaked in melody that crosses Mansun with Honeycrack. A live acoustic session version of 'The Story Of My Life' rides on a bass line straight out of a John Carpenter score and seamlessly replaces the shocking profanity of the original with the legendary schoolboy safehouse staple that is "flipping"! The sweet harmonies survive the shift from album to live scenario effortlessly, a point rammed home with the awesome opening of 'Scream Eureka' - harmonies abound on this live version of the album and live set opener taken from a live BBC session.

The release of 'Everyone Loves You' offers music lovers with a soul the perfect jumping on point to indulge themselves in the wonders of Eureka Machines. This band are a shining light in dark times and I, personally, cannot wait to see them on their impending UK tour with Sorry And The Sinatras. Essential.

by Gaz E.

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