The Eruptors - 2 Track Demo

I believe I know these guys because they were once featured, for what it's worth, on the pompous media-tragedy, which goes by the name of Metal Sludge.

As for The Eruptors opener 'Cannibal Holocaust' (inspired, no doubt, whilst these little piss-takers were out buying Jaffa Cakes and a pint of semi-skimmed at Tesco's), has its moments, however, the mix is a bit limp, so they come across like a kind of chicken-in-a-basket White Zombie, as opposed to the bastard sons of a couple of Backyard Babies they'd rather hope to sound like instead.

Finally, is 'Whoregazm'. Motorhead and Whiplash pretensions aside, this heavy-ish instrumental (think: Silverchair on a shoestring budget) sounds incongruous if only because one wonders why any band would be daft enough to waste one track of a two-track demo with an instrumental . A self-satisfying wank-fest of megalithic proportions. At best, a wasted opportunity because they're talented enough.

by Deviant D.

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