Equal Loudness Curve - Let It Roll

Equal Loudness Curve is a blues-based, melody and hook reliant hard rock band, furiously waving the rock and roll banner while proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves.

Equal Loudness Curve offers up a refreshingly familiar sound that emphasizes a return to album-oriented melodic riff-rock with passion and soul.They have bluesy southern rock roots yet at times bring the likes of AC/DC, Rhino Bucket and The Poodles to mind.

"Let It Roll" is a great driving/party album, full of attention grabbing (if not always original) riffs and some classic rock vocals.

Recommemded for the fan of Classic Rock like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Rhino Bucket, The Poodles and the like.

Rating 8/10

by Barrry Gennard

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