Enuff Z'Nuff - One More For the Road

In August 2003, Donnie Vie, Derek Frigo and Vikki Foxx reunited for a gig at Hollywood's Cat Club for the first time in over 10 years - a few months later, Derek sadly passed away.

This offering has six classic live tracks from the first three Enuff Z'Nuff albums such as Fly High Michelle, New Thing and Baby Loves You, a cover of the Beatles Revolution and one new studio track, which was remixed using the masters that Derek played on. It does suffer slightly from dubious quality as it was mixed from video feeds and not from the soundboard but anyone who wants to complain about that minor issue has missed the point here!

For Enuff Z'Nuff fans, this is something that perhaps they never thought would happen again and ironically with Derek's passing it never will. By releasing his last live captured performance, it's a piece of EZN history and a truly fitting tribute from the band to Derek.

The release may make more sense to some if the show ever makes it onto DVD as that was the original intention, however, In The Groove does seem set to make it on to Donnie Vie's forthcoming DVieD, Baby Pictures, another purchase that EZN loyalists will find hard to resist.

Sounding as tight as they were years ago, you can't get away from the fact that this CD has seen the light of day because of Derek's death but it highlights what a guitar virtuoso he really was. He had his own inimitable style which made his sound instantly distinguishable with trademark squeals, hammer-ons and pull offs and that's exactly what die hard Enuff Z'Nuff fans will hear when they listen to this.

For me Enuff Z'Nuff was and always will be the first album line-up of Donnie, Chip, Derek and Vikki despite the fact that all line-ups since have always stayed true to the music and the name. Although Chip, for what ever reason, does not play on the CD and Tim Tame fills in on bass, any self respecting Enuff Z'Nuff fan should have this in their collection as it's a sentimental snapshot in time and parting tribute to the life and memory of Derek Frigo.

RIP Derek Frigo - we hail you brother.

by Grant W.

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