Emigrate - Self-Titled

This debut solo CD from "Rammstein" founder guitarist/songwriter "Richard Z Kruspe" has had rather longer than usual to "mature" on my play list. Now, this is mainly because I've had the pleasure of picking up this review for a "temporarily AWOL" Glitziner who was apparently last seen surfing the Internet with one hand, albeit (for once) whilst he recovered from some emergency surgery. "Get Well Soon Fella". Yet, I'm not complaining as for once this is a solo album really worth everyone's attention.

So lets rewind a few months when I originally happened upon "Emigrate" via a mate, who just happens to obsess about everything "Rammstein". He was playing this CD en route to yet another night of RNR debauchery and the sonics that enveloped me were certainly a stark contrast to those associated to "Richards" day job. The smart hard-edged and immediate "Depeche-influenced" arena rock of the album's lead single "New York City replacing "Rammstein's" self proclaimed "Tanz Metal", which has never really set my world alight (even with all their pyro and flamethrowers, which any self respecting glam fan will always admit for being a sucker for). Without wanting to sound like some sort of "Daily Mail" reading idiot, one of "Rammstein's" main miss points for me, has always been the lack of English lyrics, which even after repeated listens tended to leave me scratching my ever expanding pate. "Emigrate" though takes my self styled lyricophobia and throttles it like the demented, rabid, cliché that it is, and yes I am happy to report that "Emigrate" write and sing everything in the mother tongue of rock n roll.

So, huge slabs of industrialised metal like "Wake Up"," My World" and "Resolution" erupt from the speakers like the songs "Paradise Lost" were trying to write during their electro experimental phase back in the late 90's albeit these songs don't lose the element of heaviness at the expense of the pop hook. Subtler numbers on "Emigrate" like "In My Tears", "Babe" (no not the "Styx" song) and "Temptation" are satin smooth anthems the likes of which "Nickleback" would never have the slightest idea of how to write, or perform with such unbridled passion as displayed by "Richard Z Kruspe".

This fantastic debut solo album that is full of adventure, surprises, light and dark moods, joyous electro vibes, sweet pop melody and fierce metal riffing, you name it, and "Emigrate" has it.

4.5 out of 5.

by Johnny H.

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