Elvis Is Dead - 2 Track Demo

Elvis is Dead is the kind of band that I'd probably see in a local pub or club, perhaps supporting a favourite band. During the interval I'd be wandering around the merchandise stalls, see this 2 Track demo for sale and think "yeah they were alright" and buy a copy.

Once home, I'd probably play it a couple of times and then it would be consigned to the cupboard never to be played again. That's not to say that this isn't any good. If you like your rock with dirt under its fingernails, this is probably your cup of tea.

Vocalist Si has a suitably gritty voice that's perfectly matched to this kind of material and the guitars come complete with a very satisfying crunch. Overall production is pretty good, the drum sound on "You Little Tramp" being the only weak spot.

"I Don't Wanna See You " is my favourite of the two tracks, displaying as it does a good use of dynamics to stop it getting dull. It's only let down by the lightweight chorus, which sounds like it belongs in a completely different song.

However, these are minor niggles. There'll always be a market for this kind of gritty, honest rock. Elvis is Dead certainly has the raw material that given time, they should be able to develop sufficiently for them to carve themselves a little piece.

by Phil T.

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