Elektradrive - Living 4

Almost fifteen years on from their last release, cult Italian band Elektradrive return with their new album 'Living 4'. This new album sees a slight change in musical direction for the band, with them moving away slightly from the AOR/melodic rock style of their previous efforts to a more prog rock sound, which they pull off really well.
'Living 4' is a lesson to other bands on just how this stuff should be done; an album full of textures both musically and lyrically. 'Living 4' is a concept album, which tries to tackle many environmental issues such as water scarcity etc.

Musically this album really is a great record, songs like 'In A Superficial Way', Water Diviner' and the great commercial single 'You Are Always On My Mind'.
As I said musically, 'Living 4' brings more muscle to the table than Elektradrive's previous albums, giving us a great contemporary prog rock album.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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