Electrocute - Troublesome Bubblegum

Electrocute are a Berlin based female duo who describe their music as a twisted assortment of swaggering garage-punk, raunchy vocals combined with high energy dance beats.

I decided to listen to the CD before I had a look at this band and I pretty much got what I expected - a pink and kitsch and bubblegum image. Electrocute's music is really quite fun to listen to, its basic, has some amusing lyrics on songs like Nobody Loves Us and Shag Ball and is admittedly electronic.

Electrocute have a rather punky B-52s feel to their songs and they remind me of an all female 80's group called We've Got A Fuzzbox (And We're Gonna Use It) before they went pop meets the image of Strawberry Switchblade. So it seems I'm going down the road of an 80's comparison here and that wouldn't be too far off the mark.

In order to get into this you're gonna have to like music with electronic drums and uncomplicated guitars with a fun pop rock feel - oh and you will have to be into the colour pink. Electrocute are never gonna be competing for global dominance with what they do but they are different and that's refreshing in itself so if you feel like a change of musical direction, check the website samples out, it may be your cup of tea.

by Grant W.

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