Electric Mary - Down To the Bone

The album Down to the Bone, by Electric Mary, starts with "Let me out", it's catchy, it's rock and grabs your attention. The guitars sound like something Rage Against the Machine could have created, while the rest of the music has way to big influences of Audioslave, even Electric Mary's singer Rusty sounds a little bit too much like Chris Cornell. The only problem is that during the first songs of the album, there is no depth. Don't get me wrong, it's good but it doesn't leave a mark. So I was afraid the entire album would be like this, but no! It wasn't!

"Sorry" has awesome solos, the music is fast and aggressive and it's mind-blowing. Also, if the "do me's" chorus would have been as good as the rest of the track, the song would have been a killer.

Other good songs on the album were: "One Foot In the Grave" and "Busted".

If they could lessen the sound of Rage against the Machine and Audioslave, this could be great.

Rating: 6.5/10

by Johanna Salo

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