The Electric Kisses - S/T

The 70's punk scene was and has always been a great influence to bands and musicians alike, with an incredible power to sway the style and approach a band take. There's no better example than that of Seattle trio The Electric Kisses. With influences like The Ramones, The Real Kids and Nikki and The Corvettes you should have an idea of the sound this band have created.

The vocals seem to be shared half and half with Mike taking the lead and Sarah frequently harmonising and providing the chorus, then swapping to Sarah with Mike doing the backing, this use of vocal layering creating an edge to their already peaking set. The lyrics throughout are typical of that early pop punk style, straight forward, honest and at times slightly kitsch. The flair is persistent throughout the whole album, not once letting up, no ballads, no holding back, just real kids having real good fun. Imagine Blondie and Joey Ramone jamming with The Adolescents.

However this isn't an album that blows your mind instantaneously and there's no point just pin pointing one track and leaving it at that. The whole album listened too from start to finish, more than once enables you to gain the best impression. What you first think will be the best tracks start clashing with the ones you think won't be!

'(You Make Me) Wanna Dance' is a frivolous and flighty pop punk anthem, definitely showing the Corvettes influence with lines like 'All You Boys In Your Tight Tight Pants, You Make Me Wanna Dance', and 'On the Stage With Your Tambourine, You're a Dream', ok.

There's a hint of The Only Ones in the intro to 'Spinnin labels', a song where Mike has the run of throughout. Towards the end, the familiar female harmonies interrupt, which spoils the song albeit for only a few bars! A nice touch would have been to have left them out for just this track and show off the vocals and musicians abilities. Saying that, 'Sweet thunder' sees Sarah's voice take off for a whole song and really proves what a talent and range she has.

All the songs are rather short, some only just over a minute long, but better short and sweet eh, than long drawn out and boring.

by Sharron Grainger

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