Electra-Kill - The Death of Venus 292

Deliciously punchy electro-Goth which comes on like a less rockist Nine Inch Nails (or a less unhinged Alien Sex Fiend). Opener "Bring The Pain" is imbued with a wonderfully subterranean atmosphere, while its successor "Already Nothing" is agreeably pounding. The title track has a sparse yet epic feel to it, vaguely reminiscent of the Sisters of Mercy, and the pulsing synths and vocoder of "Mint Girl" could been airlifted straight in from the Batcave in '82. This is not an album for those who worship at the altar of the guitar, as the band's name implies it's an unashamedly electronic work.

The album works best as a whole rather than as a collection of separate tracks - by the genre's very nature, the eleven tracks here (plus an outro and a remix of "Mint Girl") do have a tendency to sound simil! ar and blur into one after a while, but in this case it works to the album's advantage as it manages to create a coherent soundscape. Best listened to with a glass of absinthe and the lights off.

by Lee Ratbag

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