Eartha - Ink Dry Blue

Track listing:
01 - Hearts Of Stone
02 - What How Why When
03 - One By One
04 - Color Of The Wind
05 - Already There
06 - Bad Frequency
07 - Reaching
08 - What About We
09 - Pursuit
10 - My Face Again
11 - Pacts We Make
12 - Whole World
13 - Ink Dry Blue
14 - I Wanna Come Home
15 - Betrayer
16 - Boardwalk

EARTHA's latest release INK DRY BLUE is an ecclectic mix of alternative rock and soul style vocals! It might sound odd but it does work (to a degree).

I really like the rocky tracks on this CD (which is thnakfully most of them) and there are some great rhythms and guitar work. I've reviewed this on the merit of the rockier side of the album which is actually very good with some Muse style rhythms and grooves and some mean lean moods that are lifted with Eartha's unique vocal style.

It's always a risky move mixing styles so dramatically on an album as it makes targetting it harder. A couple of the songs are mellow soul tracks which are OK but they make the whole thing seem a little schizophrenic.

Eartha is a double grammy nominee and winner so has an impressive pedigree but maybe she should release a complete rock album or a complete soul one rather than try and combine the two as the styles don't sit comfortably together on the same release. Eartha's vocals take on a slight Terence Trent D'Arby feel occasionally which is not altogether unpleasant and it certainly makes the listener pay attention!

The rock stuff is good and actually quite unique which should give her a good place to target herself whereas the soul tracks aren't anything new. On a production level the vocals are completely dominate (probably because this is all about Eartha) but I would have liked to have hear the music brought up a little more into the mix.

Standout tracks:
What How When
Bad Frequency

by K.T.Glitz

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