D-Zire - The Awakening

If you're looking for some music that sounds like it came out of the Sunset Strip days when it was bands galore every weekend... then check out D-Zire.

D-Zire plays sleazy music with lots of crunchy riffs that showcase what the band is all about... With songs 'Do or Die', the very catchy 'Chance Of Love', riff after riff 'She's No Angel', Motley Crue-ish 'Don't Waste My Time' and my fave song 'Amanda Mae' in which D-Zire shines.

Lots of good songs... the only disappointment is, even though it's 15 songs... some are intros of political garbage talk that I couldn't care less for. To me, this has no business on this album and it just comes off as if they needed some fill-ins time-wise. Other than that great album from these guys.

by Marcus Calzada

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