Dynazty - Bring the Thunder

Sweden has produced many talented hard rock/metal bands over the last several years. Dynazty could very well be the next band in this category. Made up of former members of Swedish hard rock bands Foxey and Zan Clan, they play very well together for a band that has only been together a short time. The bands sound could best be described as a cross between early Hardline, TNT, and Iron Maiden. They play with an intensity that not only gives you a good album, but also makes you believe this band would put on a great stage show. This is the first band I have heard in a while that actually has that energy on an album and makes you want to see them live.

Although this is their debut album, the songs sound very solid and polished. This is due in part to the vocal range of the very talented Nils Molin, who can hit notes that match those of Tony Harnell of TNT. This; combined with very tight playing by a group of musicians talented in their own right, make this possibly one of the best albums to emerge from the Swedish hard rock/metal scene to date.

It's hard to pick favorite tracks because the album is one of those few you hear that is actually good, start to finish. "Monkey Wants, Monkey Needs," "The Devil's Shake," and the title track were big standouts though. If this fledgling band can keep this momentum going, they will definitely have what it takes to take Sweden and possibly the world by storm.


by Patrick White

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