Dragonfly - Zero

There is barely a Glitter Punk Pop fan out there who would openly admit to liking 90s blues-rock herberts Thunder. The reality however, is that for much of their debut album (1990's 'Backstreet Symphony') and, to a lesser extent, 1992's 'Laughing On Judgement Day', Thunder were truly at the top of their game - their game being the purveyors of some of the finest 70's-influenced hard rock that was so deeply unfashionable at the time.

What set Thunder apart from the rest of the denim and leather rockers that were treading the boards at the time (Little Angels, F.M., Gun, etc.) was vocalist Danny Bowes' awesome voice - a truly gifted singer, in the vein of Robert Plant, Paul Rogers and Roger Daltrey.

Imagine then, if you will, what Thunder might have sounded like if, instead of going down the blues-rock path, they had chosen an altogether sleazier route; a route inhabited by the likes of AC/DC, Motley Crue and Skid Row.

I give you Dragonfly!

In frontman Greg 'Skip' Skipper, Australian rockers Dragonfly have a voice worthy of inclusion in the new breed of rock vocalist (The Answer's Cormac Neeson and Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale), able to stand alongside the true greats mentioned above, whilst guitarist and chief songwriter Marc de Hugar (ex Candy Harlots and Screaming Tribesmen) has come up with a collection of songs to rival the likes of contemporary hopefuls Rattlesnake Remedy and Roadstar.

Of the five songs included on this, Dragonfly's debut EP, 'She's My Baby' stands out as a particularly fine example of this growing trend for sleazy blues-rock. Filled with more hooks than a retired pirates' Christmas party, the chorus will have you singing along by the time you hear it for the second time, and the guitars, whilst flamboyant and energetic, are never too flashy or over the top.

'Cuts & Bruises', on the other hand, is a restrained acoustic number, demonstrating the band's mellower side and surely destined for the higher reaches of the singles charts, if only the right record company would sit up, take notice and sign this wonderful young band.

One to watch - if only they can break out of their native Australia.


by Danzai

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