Drama Queen Die - S/T

Got a little news for Enuff Z'Nuff fans… Drummer Ricky Parent and bassist Chip Z'Nuff have a new side project called 'Drama Queen Die'. That said 1) it's not THEIR project, per se, and 2) it sounds nothing like Enuff Z'Nuff. DQD is the baby of guitarist/singer/songwriter Andrew Walker. It appears as if the EZ boys are merely along for the ride (proving that sometimes it's cool to be friends with influential people).

Drama Queen Die isn't exactly what you'd call groundbreaking. In fact, in the band's press release, Walker all but admits this. The sound could best be described as a poor man's Bon Jovi, laced with a little more fuel than the Jersey boys usually muster. While the title track is a little slice of pop metal heaven, 'Die in Vain' has deeper hooks, and snakes along in a more radio-friendly pace, leading us to the first ballad 'Where Are You Now'. After, there is a momentary lag, broken up only by 'Afraid of Love' (hey, at least they admit it, right?). 'Got It Right' almost sounds like a theme song to a 70's sitcom and serves as a nice oasis from the pop metal standards that resume with 'Whatever Happened to Rock-n-Roll'. The final three tracks break form a bit and end the party on a mature note.

The only listeners that DQD will take to new heights are those not familiar with music from 1982-1991. Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily. Mr. Walker has, along with his famous friends, created an album that would have been considered cliché in 1990, passé in 1994, and retro in 1999. Now, in the year 2004, perhaps this 'good time, might be a little dangerous' hard rock might be just what the doctor ordered. If you dig pop/hair metal in its purest sense, check this one out.

by Lycan Davis

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