DORO - Fear No Evil

It's been a staggering twenty five years since "Doro Pesch" first set our metal hearts pounding like proverbial steam hammers with her then band Warlock and their debut release "Burning the Witches". Since that album "Doro" has relentlessly toured worldwide, whilst somehow managing to record albums with her peers and heroes, both with the aforementioned "Warlock" and more recently with her solo band.

Throughout her quarter of a metal century career "Doro" has never lost focus of her ultimate aim of being the world's true metal queen, a title so often wrongly attributed to one "Lee Aaron" way back when, but one that in 2009 looks all but sown up for the duchess of Dusseldorf. Let's also not forget that during this time "Doro" has also tirelessly championed the role of the female singer in the fiercely macho genre of Heavy Metal and these days has acquired an almost godlike aura around her in metal circles. A fact that was certainly not lost at a meeting "Doro" had with yours truly and fellow Glitziner Gaz E at the recent "Hard Rock Hell Festival", where we were reduced to bumbling idiots in the presence of such a revered yet humble individual.

"Fear No Evil" then is not only a statement of intent behind Doro's musical legacy, but it is also a glorious celebration of everything "Doro" has given us during her glittering career. From the fist pumping (studded gauntlets optional) anthems of "Running From the Devil", "Celebrate" and "Long Lost For Love" to the epic and broody "Night of the Warlock" and self explanatory "25 Years", your metal detectors will be beeping on overload with the molten riffage "Doro" has to offer us this time around.

The subtler side of "Fear No Evil" sees "Doro" add a new dimension to her vocal talents, sounding like an almost deadringer for my fellow countrywoman "Bonnie Tyler" on the likes of "Herzblut" and "Walking With the Angels" (the latter also featuring Tarja Turunen), which certainly can only help continue "Doro's" recent crossover assault into the European charts.

Unfortunately there's no "Earthshaker Rock", "Fight For Rock" or "All We Are" that would give the album the "essential purchase" tag, but throughout its eleven tracks, "Fear No Evil" most certainly remains true as steel and is an engaging listen.

"Doro" for everything you have given Heavy Metal, this Glitziner rasies his drinking horn in celebration of your first twenty five years in music, and on "Fear No Evil's" showing long may it continue.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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