Donots - Coma Chameleon

Donots The German 5 piece answer to Green Day return with a new album 'Coma Chameleon', and to be honest there's not a bad song on here. The new album is skinny, dark, thin, fast, and I'd dare to say, the most original rock album I've heard in quite a bit. This album differs from their previous releases in that the band has stopped playing catchy sing-along pop-punk choruses, as they keep on evolving and revolving their sound, with great attention to the lyrics and the composition. Ingo's lyrics are totally genius, and his voice stresses and compliments the guitars.

The album develops as a steady floating stream, and from the first single 'Break My Stride' you reach the climax with the second one, 'Stop the Clocks', the first being a rock anthem and the latter being almost a ballad, probably influenced by Depeche Mode. In the middle and afterwards you find the punk rock of 'Pick Up the Pieces' and the band aren't afraid to experiment with the almost hip-hop 'Headphones', with a strong electric beat that makes the whole tune very catchy. 'New Hope for the Dead; is probably what represents Donots the best at the moment with it being a fast-paced anthem that will make you sweat a lot!

So far I am impressed, 'Coma Chameleon' is the first release that I've heard from Donots and I'm intrigued. I will definitely be tracking down their previous releases and giving them a spin! Highly recommended!!

by Barry Gennard

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