The Donnas - S/T

I’ve been trying for a couple of hours but I can’t come up with anything cooler than a bunch of teenage punkrockchicks. The Donnas are, as most of you already know, a female foursome reinventing the chords and choruses of Ramones. Imagine The Ramones as teenage girls… Stop! Wait a minute! I don’t want to be responsible for fucking up your sexual preferences. Johnny Ramone as a teenage girl? Yummy!

When you look at the backside of the album, where the girls are standing in front of their schoollockers, you know you’re into something cool. With songtitles such as "Teenage Runaway", "Highschool Yum Yum", "Last Chance Dance", "Do you wanna go out with me", "I don’t want go to School", "Drive in" and "I’m gonna make him mine"; the DONNAS hit the highest ranking on my barometer no matter what the songs sound like. Every song is a hit though. Sure, THE DONNAS are doing nothing new. There are, and have been, hundreds of bands out there playing this style of punk but very few are or were as good and cool as THE DONNAS. Gimme Gimme!


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