Dolly Daggers - S/T EP

I must be honest, while reading over the bio supplied with the self titled EP from the dolly daggers, I thought to myself, sure; another band that lists big name bands such as Billy idol, Hanoi Rocks and Madonna as influences on their sound yet won't sound anything like that. I was wrong; the Dolly Daggers can bring it and bring it in a big way.

I was very impressed with the professionalism oozing from this CD, both in the song writing and the musicianship. Not something I expected coming from a unknown like the Dolly Daggers. The music is hard to classify, which is a credit to their song writing ability. "If I Could Dance" is pure rock and roll reminiscent of early Hanoi Rocks while "Never Ending" is 80's new wave punk like you remember it. "A Face To Put On" and "Numb" round out the EP.

If vocalist Ludvig can soften his heavy accent, Dolly Daggers will be the next big band out of Europe. I'm not giving this one back!

by Mister E.

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