Dogkennel Hill - All the King's Horses

After three years in the making, Dogkennel Hill finally release their follow up album to the acclaimed first CD, Sweethearts of the Rodeo. All the King's Horses is described as 'Iggy Pop meets Nick Cave in a film noir setting' and is due for release in September 2005.

This is a dark CD of retro sounding country and blues rock which creates a somber mood. The front half of this album has by far the stronger songs where Dogkennel Hill rely heavily on a melodic blend of vibrato and reverb on guitar, electric piano and keyboards and haunting string accompaniments. Singer songwriter Tim Bewlay adds the melancholy vocals which complete the lonely feeling throughout, ex Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey has now parted company and moved on to other projects.

In my opinion this is a great mood filled CD that you would want to put on and listen to alone with a bottle of red wine if tranquility and relaxation is what your after, you're feeling a bit down and just want to stay that way deliberately.

Highlight songs are Drink, a number which starts off slow and empty and crescendos in a creeping Wurlitzer-esque finale, Little Matters which has a very distinct Dark Side of the Moon feel to it and Broad Church which is one of the more 'up beat' numbers on the album.

For those who enjoyed the first album and fans of Nick Cave, Dylan, Lou Reed and the Doors, All the King's Horses will not disappoint although it is a lot darker than the previous CD. The release will coincide with some live dates and low key acoustic gigs. Samples of All the King's Horses can be previewed on the band's website and are well worth checking out.

by Grant W.

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