Disarm - By Any Means Necessary

By Any Means Necessary is the new 5 track CD from Sheffield sleaze merchants Disarm, a young 4 piece band who've spent the last 3 months touring the country solidly including a support slot to Robin Black. The tracks on offer have a slight punk edge, giving them a raw feel with some clear production. There's a Backyard Babies influence throughout this release, which while not a bad thing in itself, sometimes crosses the line between influence and plagiarism.

The title track is an adrenaline fuelled rush of a song with a chorus that is far too reminiscent of Backyard Babies' 'Made Me Madman', if I was to ignore the chorus though, the song itself is fantastic, but whenever the chorus kicks in all I can hear is 'Made Me Madman', which ruins all the good work they've put into the rest of the track. Next up is 'Faster, Faster, Kill', which starts with a sound that creeps up towards a killer chorus. Halfway through there's a sampled orgasm, something not enough bands today have in their songs, before guitarist Jamie launches into a great trashy solo. 'Getaway', has a cool drum intro and great sleaze riff, which starts off what turns out to be a pretty formulaic fast punky number. Definitely the weakest track on offer here... 'Too Much Is Never Enough' shows more promise but doesn't quite feel like the finished article. There are some great ideas but it just doesn't seem to gel together, it sounds like it needs a bit more work to turn it into the killer track it threatens to be. Finally, 'Black Can Man' rounds the disc off in style with a brooding rhythm section intro giving way to what is simply a great rock song.

Disarm have recently been in the studio cutting some more tracks and continue to tour playing every inch of the country. If you get the chance to see them near you I'd recommend it as these songs sound like they'd find their true home on a stage in a packed sweaty club. There's a risk that the band's songs could sound too 'samey' on a full album, which is something the guys need to watch for, but on a 5 track EP that doesn't become a problem. I look forward to a full length release, definitely one to watch.

by John Baxter

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