The Disappointments - Reasons To Revolt

Now that I can just about hear again I will start by telling you that this is an acquired taste, I suppose like most hardcore political punk, only die hard fans of the genre can listen to this without it making your ears bleed. Think Rancid, think Anti Flag, think earache.

Fortunately this collection of music only lasted for about thirteen minutes, which was more than enough, believe me. Aside from the extreme noise, when you get over that you find that 'The Disappointments' have actually had a damn good go at this and I'm sure alongside their contemporaries they could hold their own.

Generally the drums are incredibly loud and fast and along with the vocals the two provide the main source of noise. There's a melody in each song somewhere, and you catch a glimpse of this now and then when the guitar manages to break through. It's rather difficult to follow the lyrics because with this style of music, the vocals are generally screamed, shouted and bellowed. Occasionally (and it's my flaw that I'm always looking for this) there's some evidence that vocalist Fox has quite a decent voice, but I don't think he'd thank me for telling him.

'Investigator' begins with a ska punk intro, which helps break the monotony while final track 'The Surgeon General Can Kiss My Ass' is more manageable overall, has a little less hardcore input and a little more heavy rock. Still plenty of extreme yelling but has the best melody, well one that you can pick out anyway!

by Sharron Grainger

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