The Disappointments - 3 Track CD

Released through the interweb only at the tail end of March 2007. This is a 3-track taster for the Stoke punkers debut album "Reasons To Revolt" which is due in April.

The press who-ha that accompanies this release name drops "The Damned", "Rancid" and "Anti Flag" so I was obviously interested from the off, if this release was going to be of that staggering pedigree.

Well, "No Charades" is easily the strongest of the 3 tracks on offer here from the four seventeen year olds more commonly known as "Fox, Knotty, The Greek and Moston". And the lead track most certainly does bristle with the energy so vital to making any recording sound so compelling.

But and this is a very big but, even after repeated listens I simply don't find myself remembering any of the songs on offer here.

"Not For Sale" and "Strike A Blow" that accompany this release are as tight as "Alan Sugar's" wallet and they bellow their messages like a force ten gale, but for me they lack that little extra that would say rank them in the league of UK hardcore upstarts "Gallows".

So for a band of four seventeen year olds this is an impressive debut and certainly no disappointment (sorry guys you will get this obvious reference for many years with a name like that). I shall certainly be keeping an eye out for them in the live arena. But next time guys get some hooks in them tunes. Sadly you ain't caught this fish this time around due to that simple yet hugely important point.

by Johnny H.

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