Dirty Passion - Different Tomorrow

Track listing:
01 - This Is The Way
02 - 1,000,000 Voices
03 - Rockin' The Night
04 - Different Tomorrow
05 - A Trip To Paradise
06 - Self-Destructive
07 - Liar
08 - We're All Gonna Fall
09 - Selling Your Soul
10 - Without You

Swedish rockers DIRTY PASSION come up trumps with DIFFERENT TOMORROW

DIFFERENT TOMORROW is great classic rock with some cool riffs and big choruses. It's just like the 80s never went away. Think Y&T and Europe and you won't be shy of the mark here.

The songs are very well crafted, there are some great solos, the choruses are a delight and the rhythm section drive things along nicely. OMG points have to go to Rockin' The Night for including the use of the often forgotten cowbell, a percussion instrument that is sadly rarely used these days.

DIRTY PASSION have hit a winning forumula with DIFFERENT TOMORROW and even though it won't win any points for being groundbreaking it more than makes up for that in nostalgia. Any rocker who looks back on the 80s with a teary eye will really appreciate what is on offer here!

Standout tracks:
This Is The Way
Rockin' The Night
Selling Your Soul

by K.T.Glitz

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