Dirty Looks - Slave To the Machine

Dirty Looks are back with a re-issue of their 1996 album "Slave To the Machine" which was previously only available in Germany and is now released via those kind folks over at Perris Records.
This CD was the last one recorded by the band before singer/guitarist Henrik Ostergaard decided to call it a day with Dirty Looks and founded Burning Orange with Scott Robison on vocals.

'Slave To the Machine' is a monster. It's basically the Dirty Looks you remember but more powerful and a bit less melodic.The album starts off with a really strong tune in 'Slave In The Machine' and for the most part the whole first half of the album continues the momentum, strong song after strong song, with a band that had embraced what grunge had brought to the music scene and managed to embrace it without sounding like they had jumped on the band wagon. Unfortunately the second half of the album is a bit more hit and miss, but still good enough to grow on you and with 15 tracks (the original 13 plus 2 bonus live tracks) you can live with a couple so so tunes. The original releases final track, 'Last Crack' is a real standout, an excellent track.

Recommended to anyone that likes 80's Hard Rock or AC/DC around the Dirty Deeds-High Voltage era, if that's you, you really should look into Dirty Looks.

Rating 7/10

by Barry Gennard

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