Dirt Box Disco - Dirt Box Disco

Track listing:
01 - Intro
02 - The Other Side Of The Street
03 - Fat Twats
04 - Dirtbox Days
05 - I Just Wanna Be A Girl
06 - Hunchback
07 - Fast Car
08 - I Am Rock N Roll
09 - I Won't Forget
10 - Shit For Brains
11 - Junkyard Dog
12 - Psycho
13 - Smack Head
14 - We All Fall Down
15 - Dirtbox Disco

DIRT BOX DISCO provide us with some good solid punk n roll on their self titled debut.

Simple catchy songs with chugging rhythms and snazzy riffs. Add in a whole bunch of social commentary, witty lyrics and some chants and woahs for good measure and it's job done!

Certain elements of their songs reminded me of early D.R.I. and The Stupids. They have taken some classic elements of great punk bands and melted then together to create a great sound.

If you like punk then you should definitely check these guys out.

Standout tracks:
I Just Wanna Be A Girl
Fast Car
I Won't Forget
Dirtbox Disco

by K.T.Glitz

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