Dir en Grey - Clever Sleazoid

Some great things have come out of Japan in the last 10 years: The Sony Playstation, The RB26DET and JZA-80 engines and i-Mode.

Dir En Grey are a Japanese band that are going to take on the world.

From humble beginnings in 1997 they have grown in popularity across South East Asia playing in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Indeed, in Shanghai the law had to be called in to calm the excited fans. With a major record label behind them we may just see this band reverse the musical export trend.

Clever Sleazoid is mainly a live CD with a clever mixture of music showing influences as wide apart as "White Zombie" and "Iron Maiden" The title track reinforcing this.

"C (Live)" and "Dead Tree (Live)" is a medium-paced songs with maiden style twin guitars fluttering over heavy bass and drum. For live tracks, the recording mix is excellent - I have heard worse from some very large bands.

"Garbage (Live)" is a much heavier track showing influences from "White Zombie" and "Marylin Manson". The pain in the lyrics is quite evident

And if anybody can work out how their bloody website works then they should have a job in IT!

Japanese lyrics! An acquired taste! 6/10

by SJ Skyline

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