Director's Cat - Bad Luck

Greece isn't the place you'd necessarily expect to find a great rock/AOR band but that is where DIRECTOR'S CAT come from and BAD LUCK is there debut album.

Overall the sound on Bad Luck is classic rock/AOR with a little alternative thrown in for good measure.

There are catchy riffs, big choruses and great harmonies throughout. In places I was reminded of '87 era Whitesnake. The keyboards are well integrated and either support the main riffs or come into the foreground to take the lead.

The weakest track for me was Tragic which seemed to be dragging it's heels in the 70s somewhere.

Love Can Be Found is very "rock n roll" and reminded me a lot of The Quireboys.

Director's Cat offer a good strong debut offering with good songwriting, choruses and riffs and things can only get better for them

Standout tracks:
Bad Luck
Falling Deeper
Love Can Be Found

by K.T.Glitz

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