Dimestore - 3 Track Demo

01 - Stuck In A Rut
02 - Keep Your Soul Alive
03 - I Am Dorian

Opening track 'Stuck In a Rut' is a really gritty ballsy song with a good shouty chorus.

'Keep Your Soul Alive' is a standard rock ballad with some nice guitar work.

'I Am Dorian' reminded me a bit of Hoobastank. This track is really good, it starts with a moody intro, which has loads of atmosphere and then builds into a fantastic finale before dropping back into a moody outro.

Dimestore aren't breaking new ground but they aren't bad either. The three songs on offer here provide a welcome set of variation and insight into what they have to offer. They could certainly develop into something really good.

by K.T. Glitz

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