Dik Trickle - Bang

Go figure, these guys were making some pretty cool waves. Truth is, I've never heard of these guys until now. (Essentially, my bass player bought it because he thought they looked cool on the cover and lent me the CD - hence, this review)

This is essentially heavier-edged Glam, with a touch of pop now and again. Call me crazy (and Andreas usually does) this reminds me of Marshall Law, especially in the vocal department.

I'd rate this higher except for the fact that the songs sound cool for a first release. But then they hit you with the killer "Can't Sell Myself" which is sort of Poison meets The Ramones. Actually, 80% Poison, 20%

Ramones. (OK, it's actually almost TOTALLY derivative of "Talk Dirty To Me" - but that's a good thing, isn't it?)

Watch for the ubiquitous hidden track - it's pretty funny, but isn't the hidden track getting a little old by now?

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By Adolf Chri$t