Die So Fluid - The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime

THE WORLD IS TOO BIG FOR ONE LIFETIME is the third album from current media darlings DIE SO FLUID.

Musically I can hear bits of Linkin Park and some other Nu-Metal bands although some of the songs do have a sort of classic rock vibe about them. The nearest band that I can find a consistent comparison with is Essex's finest Trash Monroe. It's nice to hear a band that are a break from the norm, doing something that is more original than a lot of the stuff that gets plagarised and regurgitated these days.

Lead singer Grog has a very strong voice which changes throughout the album. Sometimes she sounds a bit like Amy Lee and other times she is a cross between Alanis Morissette and Amy Winehouse. Although all the emphasis is on Grog we can't ignore the fact that Drew Richards and Al Fletcher make this entity a whole with Drew's influence dragging a slight gothic edge to the proceedings which compliments the overall sound well.

This is a strong album in places although a couple of the songs are a little flat in places but most of it rocks like a good un! Some of the songs have some great dynamics with a good mix of tempo and vibe. There is some good solid rhythm playing along with some lovely riffs and Grog's vocals lift it all nicely.

Standout tracks:
How Vampires Kiss
What A Heart Is For
Hearts Are Hollow

by K.T. Glitz

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