Die My Darling - Sleep (Single)

Let us explode through the musical background of Sean D... Babydolls, Smack… the question, do 'we' the listener expect to hear the same similarities evolving through Die My Darling? If you do all I can say is tough shit. Feel free to enter a world of dark obsessions. Close your mind to all that is known and enter a realm of poetic seduction. Forget all that is and has been known, reopen the whole, touch your sanctifying pleasure; lose the control and 'Sleep'.

'Sleep', DMD's six track CD covers four versions of the single 'Sleep' and two versions of 'Pain'. Alas, do not let this remix concept stop you from obtaining the single, I can guarantee each remix to be classified as an individual. Obtain your copy from the website link placed to the right and feel free to inform me if you disagree, just make sure you take your comments and views further than the 'Just another Nine Inch Nails rip-off'. Yes, the single 'Sleep' could be taken as rolling within the same boundaries Nine Inch Nails and other such mainstream industrialists cover. The difference… DMD invite you to travel through the subconscious horrors that exist through poetic content, sadism and sex brought upon by the industrial influenced erotica dark wave and spoken word. Die My Darling… a must for those who thrive on the darker sustenance of the underworld.

Spice D. Warlock