Devildolls Rock 'n' Roll Street Gang - An Introduction to 'Anthems of the Lost and Forgotten'

There's something quite honourable in being asked to introduce this taster session, so I would firstly like to send my thanks to producer and frontman 'Billy Nowhere' for providing Glitzine with this opportunity.

And with that said, best shine-up those creepers, reach to the backs of those cosmetic cabinets, dig out that hair cream and get ready to bop, strut, mosh, pogo or whatever the hell takes your fancy, cos we're entering PARTY TIME!

Only 3 members of the line-up (Billy Nowhere; Tom Spencer (Yo-Yo's/Lurkers/Dogs D'amour/Loyalties); Joey Cypher (Danny Frye & the Devildolls) have been announced so far. I've tried to flash those big baby blues, but Billy ain't budging! As you can imagine though, with the said line-up, various re-releases of The Yo-Yo's classics (incl. Stockholm Sick Blues) and the fact that Billy's main intention is to carry on evolving Danny Frye's vision for the band, with a heavier leaning toward punk rock; is gonna make for one hell of a class act.

I don't wanna say a great deal in relation to the 3 tracks ('Never Home', 'Stockholm Sick Blues' and 'Just For a Taste'), as the album is still a work in progress. However, I have to mention 'Just For a Taste'. On first listen (generally the most important), I couldn't really grasp the shift in tempo, whether this be the fact I was shattered and didn't really take the whole aspect of the song into consideration I have no idea. All I know now is, it's on repeat and there is absolutely no tiring of it. With its playful rockabilly beat, trashy rhythm and sleazefully sexy vocals, with a 'Steve Vincent' growl that will make the ladies faint, it is truly a masterpiece in the making and a terrible shame that it's not been finalised as a 'Master Copy'.

The slated release date for 'Anthems of the Lost and Forgotten' at the moment is March 2007, so….. DIARY IT AND MAKE SURE YOU BUY IT!!!!

No shitting, this truly will be a 10/10 in my eyes!

by Spice D. Warlock

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