Detox Darlings - Thirst Things First

2003 brings the latest incarnation of 'Thirst Things First' from New York's Detox Darlings. Originally released in 2000 as a five song EP, the addition of three live tracks bumps the song list to 11 cuts.

Perhaps the best way to describe 'Thirst Things First' is sensibly raw. While the DIY production is along the same lines as that of old school punk, the songs have a more flippant feel. The mood, though trashy, has a polish to it that would be out of place for old school punk. Thus, the inclusion of Faster Pussycat's 'Smash Alley' makes total sense, as does its' pairing alongside DD's best known song, 'Pretty Little Junkie'. Ironically, the cleanest production on the CD comes from the live tracks.

Detox Darlings offer up an impressive independent effort with 'Thirst Things First'. The band would do well to take some time out and make the next release a collection of entirely new songs (or risk possibly alienating their fan base with too many re-releases). Nonetheless, this debut album is definitely worth checking out if you're into the idea of the New York sound applied to west coast songs.

by Lycan Davis

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