Dennis Most and the Instigators - I'm Not Dead Yet!

The title of this album pretty much says it all, Dennis Most has been writing and performing since 1969 where after writing and performing in a band called Audiolove, he decided to join forces with his brother Mark Most in 1979, which saw the birth of Dennis Most and The Instigators.

From a band that has been around quite some time, I was expecting a very classic punk sounding album, EXACTLY what I got! Strained vocals, over distorted chords, solo's with the gain turned to full with an effects pedal displaying 'punk', if there is such a channel. I listened to this album constantly for the past week, apart from the track 'Angela', I couldn't tell you any other lyric, unless you count 'I'm not dead yet', but that was expected as it was repeating all the way through the 4 minute album title track.

The songs seemed to follow a standard verse, chorus, verse, solo, screaming chorus, finish with over the top solo behind the chorus for at least a whole minute of the track, I'm not saying this is a bad recipe, it's not negative in any shape or form, but it's nothing new. Satisfying, yes; but nothing new to get excited about.

'Angela' has a stunning intro and the first verse is brilliantly written but after the first chorus the lyrics melt into the guitars, drums, and bass; there is so much going on all at once I can't help but feel it ruins the song.

The whole album feels rushed unfortunately, it's as though Dennis Most stood at the front and said ' guys we need one more album to pay off my car, just go mental for 4 minutes on each track, I'm going to stand here and mumble, I'll throw in an occasional scream at which point you start with the solo'.

Overall this album feels a bit like a new car, it looks brilliant, perfect even, should be the best car you've ever had, but instead you turn the ignition on and realise it handles like your gran's trolley and keeps breaking down every time the temperature drops. I think that Dennis Most and the Instigators can do a lot better than this particular album; it feels as though 'I'm Not Dead Yet' only touches on the talent that is there.

by Stacey Hull

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