Dear Superstar - Diseased and Distracted Promo

Dear Superstar exploded onto the scene last year with their debut album 'Confessions of a Twisted Mind' and now they bring us this taster from the forthcoming second effort. The debut garnered plenty of positive reviews from both the web community and print magazines such as Rock Sound, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. The band are constantly touring and currently have dates across the UK and Finland booked through until the end of November, this band WILL be playing a venue near you at some point soon.

The first track, 'Diseased and Distracted', has a feel of recent 'Papa Roach' and 'Eighteen Visions' albums about it. The drumming really stands out, driving the track forward and providing a nice heavy basis for the band to match up to while retaining their sleazy signature sound. Next track 'LiveLoveLie', kicks off with what sounds very much like an old 'Iron Maiden' riff, giving an old-school metal vibe to the song. The vocals switch between a singing and a slightly hardcore scream, a close comparison would be a similar sound to that of 'Bullet For My Valentine'. Finally, 'Signposts To Bedposts', closes the disc and is the strongest track on offer with some memorable hooks throughout. The chorus will put an involuntary sneer on your lips whilst you're listening, something that 'Towers of London' try so desperately to aim for, but it just feels natural on this track rather than the forced attempts of the Towers boys.

Whilst I wasn't a fan of the debut album, I'm finding that both the song writing and playing has improved hugely in the intervening 12 months. This taster shows a promise that, whilst it's still to be fully realised, is definitely moving in the right direction, and I have no doubt that there's a great album in these guys dying to come out. Everything about these tracks is for me, a huge leap forward in comparison to their Confessions album and if they keep making such big strides in their ability they'll soon be a force to be reckoned with.

by John Baxter

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