Dear Superstar - Heartless

Right, let's get one thing straight before I even listen to 'Heartless', Dear Superstar's second album offering following 2006's debut 'Confessions of a twisted mind'. I know the guys from Dear Superstar let's say 'almost intimately'. My band has toured the UK with these guys and we're friends. Some will then point to a biased review from me but anyone who knows me will know I don't shirk away from saying what I think. Rest assured you'll get no bullshit from this rock n roller.

It's always hard for bands to duplicate a live performance in the studio but straight away it seems as though producer Romesh Dodangoda (whose previous work includes Funeral for a Friend, Bullet for my Valentine and Lost Prophets) understands exactly where DS are coming from. And where they're coming from is a dirty cesspit of rock n roll abandon. You can almost taste the sweat in opening track 'Brink of Destruction' and by the time you reach the very 'current' sounding 'Live, Love, Lie' which incidentally is the standout track featuring bv's from 'Bullet for my Valentine' you feel like you've unearthed a rip-roaring dirty beast of a record. Sadly the next track 'Signposts To Bedposts' is by all accounts a touch amateurish and really shouldn't have made the album imho.

The whole vibe of the album is a really juicy mixture of sleaze, early 90's derived hair metal and just the right amount of screamo and dare I say emo-ish melody. Yes to some this sounds fucked up but it works. There's a big cross-over there and with tracks like the previously mentioned 'Live, Love, Lie' and 'Diseased and Distraught'. On the minus side of things, and this is really me just being a tad picky, there are some dodgy lyrics (something of which Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue and many multi-million selling bands are guilty) and there's some, ahem 'American-sounding' vocals from Micky, even though he's 'proper Manchester' but fuck it, he pulls it off with great aplomb. I just think he's covering the mass market there!

Overall, this is a crackin' album, great songs, great sound and production and musically leaves the majority of UK talent standing.

Right, now where's that beer you owe me guys?


by Hilda

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