Dear Superstar - Confessions of a Twisted Mind

Hands up anyone who remembers Brides of Destruction. No? Come on, it wasn't that long ago! Under the guidance of established rockers Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns, they recorded a worthwhile debut ('Here Come the Brides') and showed some promise on the live circuit, before recording a stinker of a second album. 'Runaway Brides' was a horrendous pile of turd, and rightly banished Brides of Destruction to the bargain bin forever! Sounds familiar now?

THIS is the album Brides of Destruction should have released second time out! Had they done so, Nikki Sixx would now be asking "Motley who?" and the Brides would currently be ripping the shit out of arenas across North America! Dear Superstar's 'Confessions of a Twisted Mind' is a seriously excellent modern rock album!

Vocalist Micky Satier shares a similar vocal style with Brides shouter London LeGrande, but is far more controlled in his delivery, whilst retaining a power and rasp occasionally reminiscent of Bang Tango's Joe Leste. Most impressive of all however is the fact that, even without any 'celebrity' songwriters onboard, and recorded on a self-financed / self-released basis, 'Confessions of a Twisted Mind' is all killer. There isn't a duff track on this album!

Unfortunately, however, a vaguely similar musical style isn't the only thing Dear Superstar have in common with Brides of Destruction. Yes, London LeGrande had a daft name, but before you judge him too harshly, first consider these buffoons! 'Stew McNasty', 'Sexshow Bird' (guitar and bass respectively) and 'The Minge' on drums aren't even gonna get their own fans taking them seriously, let alone record company Execs with the budgets needed to afford the production / promotion necessary to break the band beyond the UK's shittiest dives. I mean, seriously guys, there's not taking yourselves too seriously, and then there's seriously limiting your (incredible) potential in the name of schoolboy humour!

Like I say, all of this is a crying shame because the ten songs included on 'Confessions of a Twisted Mind' confirm that the band has a lot more to offer than the fart and knob gags that you would expect from a band sporting such ludicrous monikers (see Blink 182, Sum 41, et al). A generous helping of filthy sleaze, a splash of early Faith No More styled shout-core and a nod or two in the direction of contemporary punk / nu-metal all combine to create a truly unique sound.

Kicking off with the ferocious 'Sunset Strip Suicide' - bringing to mind an early Backyard Babies, the pace is full-on throughout, relenting only occasionally for the odd acoustic intro to songs like 'And We Live', before launching once more into a monstrous riff that only just holds perhaps the album's heaviest track together… only just!

Before you know it you're thrown headlong into the total sleaze-metal explosion of 'What You Want'. This is just about the best the album has to offer, and by Christ it's good! Combining sneering punk rock for the verse, with a serious throat-melting roar for the chorus, Dear Superstar suddenly come over all Buckcherry, with the classic line "I smoke cigars and I snort cocaine!" Not at the same time, I hope!

In a year that has seen some huge releases from established bands of this genre (Backyard Babies, Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar, to name just three), Dear Superstar can stand proud alongside their peers. In 'Confessions of a Twisted Mind' they have recorded a truly world-class debut. Dropping the daft monikers, hitting the road like motherfuckers and being very choosy about which of the many major label deals they will be offered should see Dear Superstar going global in no time at all. Awesome stuff!!!


by Danzai

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