Dear Superstar - Submission of Your Soul

Out of the woodwork appear, 'Dear Superstar', with a storming set of 5 tracks from latest EP, 'Submission of your soul'. After touring heavily around the UK for the last 8 years in pubs and clubs (including a support slot for 'The Ga*Ga*s, KUDOS), 'Dear Superstar' look ready to break into the big leagues.

Some of the guys' stage success is said to be put down to front man Mike Satiars stage antics, always sure to give a crowd-pleasing performance. Along with Adam Smethurst, Chris Bird, Stew Milton and Benj Ashmead completing the line up of UK based, 'Dear Superstar'.

Centring their song style largely on emotion, yes I'll avoid using the term 'emo', because these guys can still mix it up with spadefuls of metal and guitar slinging solos as shown on track, 'Break up', featuring banging beats and energised vocals, for me the highlight of the EP. Another standout track was 'falling apart' with a catchy little chorus. The remaining tracks however were a little lack lustre. I think the variation from track to track is little, and more could be done to show a wider range of ideas, not to say these guys can't craft a well made track. I will be waiting to hear what else they can come up with eagerly.

Whilst their sound may not be totally unique to the scene today 'Dear Superstar' certainly have the potential to make something big of themselves. I'll be waiting to see them appearing in a Kerrang issue near me soon.

by Lauren May

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