Deadtime Stories - Anytime Is Deadtime

Deadtime Stories describe themselves as 'enfused with the elixir of pure rock and roll, tattooed with adrenalin and the threads of a nightmare about to burst forth and spread the gospel of glam in a world filled with the bland'. I don't know if they'll quite manage that but they do manage to capture a glam sound with aplomb and a certain amount of refreshing songs to boot.

This four track EP is raw in the mix but it shows that a no frills, over production approach can actually work to a band's advantage as it would lose some of the appeal otherwise. The vocals from Jay Cooper sound very similar to an early Vince Neil and whether by accident or intention it suits the catchy songs which will have a Tigertailz-esque familiarity to them.

There's nothing terribly original about the songs themselves, but if what you're aiming for is a glam image and sound, then why change a proven recipe. Don't expect the earth here, as I said, it's raw and rough in places but that's the appeal of this and the songs are actually quite good. Deadtime Stories have managed to land some good support slots over the last year or so, so if you get the chance to check them out, take it.

by Grant W.

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